1.2. Stepper Assembly

Bill Of Materials

ID CAD Ref Qty Name Size Material Process Filename Download
1.2.1. 2/3 6x 608 Bearing Block PLA Printed 0001-P-608-bearing-block STL
1.2.2. 26 3x 3D Printed Delta Stepper Mount PLA Printed 0456-delta-stepper-mount STL
1.2.3. 22 1x Delta Motor Plate various various PC03-delta-motor-plate


1.2.4. 10 3x Optical Endstop Board Standard PCB sourced
1.2.5. 12 12x Cap Screw, Button Head M5x14mm Stainless sourced
1.2.6 13 12x Cap Screw, Button Head M5x20mm Stainless sourced
1.2.7. 15 24x Fastener Nut M5 Stainless sourced
1.2.8. 17 18x Cap Screw, Button Head M3x20mm Stainless sourced
1.2.9. 14 18x Fastener Nut M3 Stainless sourced
1.2.10. 9 3x Stepper Motor NEMA 17 sourced
1.2.11. 18 12x Cap Screw, Button Head M3x8mm Stainless sourced
1.2.12. 8/19 3x GT2 Pulley with Set Screws 16 teeth, 5mm bore Aluminum/Steel sourced

CAD Drawings

CAD rendering by Tin Whiskers Technologies under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike (CC BY-SA) 4.0 license

1.2.1. 608 Bearing Block

1.2.2. 3D Printed Delta Stepper Mount

1.2.3. Delta Motor Plate