1.3. Pulley Assembly

Bill Of Materials

ID CAD Ref Qty Name Size Material Process Filename Download
1.3.1. 1 3x Delta Pulley 150T PLA 3D Printed 0002S-delta-pulley-150T STL
1.3.2. 2/3 6x Delta Arm 90mmm with Nut PLA 3D Printed 0003-delta-arm-90mm STL
1.3.3. 4 3x Limit Switch Interruptor PLA 3D Printed 0007-limit-switch-interruptor STL
1.3.4. 5 6x Bearing 608 Steel Sourced
1.3.5. 6 6x Ball Stud 3/ 8" dia, M3x10 Stainless Sourced
1.3.6. 7 3x Cap Screw, Flat Head M3x12mm Stainless Sourced
1.3.7. 9 3x Cap Screw, Pan Head M3x12mm Stainless Sourced
1.3.8. 10 3x Cap Screw, Pan Head M3x20mm Stainless Sourced
1.3.9. 11 12x Cap Screw, Pan Head M3x30mm Stainless Sourced
1.3.10. 12 6x Cap Screw, Pan Head M3x50mm Stainless Sourced
1.3.11. 8 44x Fastener Nut M3 Stainless Sourced
1.3.12. 13 6x Flat Washer M3 Stainless Sourced

CAD Drawings

CAD rendering by Tin Whiskers Technologies under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike (CC BY-SA) 4.0 license

1.3.1. Delta Pulley 150T

1.3.2. Delta Arm 90mmm

1.3.3. Limit Switch Interruptor